Together, let's help make the world a better place

We specialize in overcoming the business challenges of the digital workplace by providing Information and Technology consulting services to support you in your mission and to help your organization focus on what's most important.

About Krafted Solutions

We assist non profit and values-driven organizations in Canada to achieve human centred, technology outcomes.

Our Mission

To free organizations from the burden of IT so they can focus on helping those they are dedicated to serving. We support you, while you support others.

Our Services

You're seeking honest direction and support. We can provide you with understanding in a language that makes sense.

Digital Workplace

We can help you design and implement the right tools and support processes your organization needs to get the job done efficiently and stress free.
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We'll evaluate the information, workflows and policies your teams need so they can work productively from the office, from home, or both.

Humanizing Change

We make sure you and your teams are at the centre of the process and help you make changes and improvements that enhance the employee experience.

We are digital thinkers......

The world continues to change and we are on the transition team!

As digital thinkers, we recognize the important role technology can play in supporting change for good. 

We  care about people and the tools and processes that help organizations achieve better outcomes.

Our philosophy is to spread digital knowledge garnered in one area across the community – saving valuable time and dollars. 

We are passionate about all aspects of the digital workplace. From employee engagement, to the changing nature of work, through to technology adoption, governance and effective communication. 

Our knowledge is gleaned from vendor training, attending technology focussed MeetUps and conferences and new thinking developed when engaged with our clients.

We’re constantly assessing new solutions for the digital workplace and how these can be applied to non profit and values-driven organizations across Canada. 

Let us help you in your digital workplace journey.

Why Choose Us

We help you help others. We genuinely care about helping people make a difference.

We listen to you.
We're able to understand you and your requirements because we listen to what you have to say. We understand that your business is unique and will only provide suggestions and deliver solutions that are right for your business.
We provide real value.
We care about providing real value and not selling services for the sake of selling services. We’re honest about our capabilities and whether we can be of assistance.
We value long term relationships.
We care about building long-term, rich and meaningful relationships. Think of our team as an extension of yours. We’re here for the long run and will stick with you after implementation ends.

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